Wednesday, 31 October 2012

12 Exaltations of Elizabeth

‘12 Exaltations of Elizabeth (Diary of a pregnant pensioner)’ is a sculptural handmade book. It is a humourous account reading between the lines of the Gospels of Luke and John concerning Elizabeth’s pregnancy with John the Baptist. It plays on Elizabeth’s inner thoughts giving the story a modern narrative whilst considering the dilemma of being pregnant in later life and a miraculous birth. It attempts to open up the viewers thoughts and reflections concerning  the story.

Artwork in situ on the altar at LeftBank

This piece of artwork is part of the ADVENTurous Exhibition at LeftBank, (next to the Cardigan Centre), Cardigan Road, Leeds, throughout the month of December. Check out the exhibition blog

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Currently painting a selection of portraits of family and friends around the theme of nostalgia. These are very large portraits. By painting them so much larger than life the canvas acts as a huge landscape of time and space where I am in contemplative thought about and with my subject, considering my own memories and connections with the person, both past and present; my joy, passion and regrets. I aim to paint 20 and exhibit them hopefully next year. Keep watching!

Sept 2012
103cm x 114cm Oil on paper

Oct 2012
Oil Pastels on Paper 150 x 105cm